It’s a homecoming of sorts for me, coming back to Chicago as Owner and Director of Body R+D. Specifically returning to Lakeview where I grew up.


After several years of producing music videos and commercials I had a sudden and unexpected turn around. I was extremely busy with all the projects that I was producing. The hours were very long and I was not taking very good care of myself.


My wife had started doing this thing called Pilates Plus in Beverly Hills. She would come home worked out but very energetic. She told me that I would love this workout, it was like nothing else. I noticed how fast her body changed and how quickly she was getting stronger. However as much as I used to enjoy working out I was in no condition and had no time. Furthermore being a guy I was not interested in anything that had the name Pilates in it.  Cut to (ha!) a little over a year later, with my wife now in killer shape, I decide to bite the bullet and dare to try a class at a studio in Silverlake.  I was hooked immediately! After years of weight training and playing sports, this was like nothing I had ever done before. The workouts were intense but at the same time very guided and intelligent. I realized quickly that this was the next big evolution in resistance training.


My fitness level increased immediately, my body shape changed rapidly and my strength level was getting scary! Something else happened as well, my flexibility and posture improved dramatically. I noticed that I was becoming very devoted to doing these classes. I guess I became like most people who do this, a bit obsessed. Going in even deeper I decided to get certified to teach. Not a particularly simple process, there are many, many different exercise’s and you really need to know your stuff. Now with a deep knowledge of how this all works, I became extremely interested in opening my own studio.


With all the studios in Southern California and quite a few beginning to open nationally, I noticed Chicago did not have this workout yet. Seizing the opportunity, a deal was struck and Body R+D was formed! We are looking forward to bringing several studios to the area and very excited about opening the first studio in Lakeview/Lincoln Park!


Studio Manager / Trainer

Tina is really excited to be an instructor at Body R+D. She started doing the workout in Beverly Hills when she lived in Los Angeles. She has been hooked ever since.Bringing a broad understanding of how the exercises all flow together, she is an amazing addition. It is quite a change of pace for her. This was the girl who nearly flunked out of school for not dressing out for gym. She would rather sing and dance than work out.


It’s amazing what age can do for you!


Head Trainer

Lauren’s relationship with Body R+D began as a client. She started taking classes and was pleased to discover that her strength increased exponentially within the first few weeks of training. Despite starting out rather fit, she began seeing new benefits from this full body workout that only the Megaformer can offer. Lauren loved the workout and its results and soon became a certified Lagree fitness instructor. She now enjoys helping others strive to meet and exceed their fitness goals during her intense, fast-paced 50 minute calorie slashing session!


Lauren has experience teaching for over 10 years in a variety of fields within the arts. She currently works as a fine artist, specializing in children’s art, portraits, and murals. In her spare time she enjoys running and cycling along Chicago’s lakefront, shopping (hey, it’s cardio!), and rooting for her hometown of Pittsburgh’s sports teams.


Holly became enamored with this workout after her first class, as it proves to be one of the most challenging workouts since her days of training competitively for tennis. She was a semi-professional player and instructor for many years. Today, she continues to have a passion for health and nutrition and lives a active lifestyle. The Lagree Method proves to get results in strength, body contouring and cardio endurance– she saw results immediately and now is enthusiastic to teach to others!


Dana has recently arrived in Chicago from Los Angeles where she fell in love with Pilates and trained to become an instructor.  Growing up, Dana spent hours in a dance studio and enjoyed an active outdoor lifestyle in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  After attending college at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, then spending several years in Los Angeles, Dana and her husband have settled back in the Midwest.  The camaraderie of group fitness and seeing her clients find their strength keeps her motivated to create challenging and fun workouts!


Originally from Toronto, I had been looking for “the best” workout to challenge my body after abdominal surgery. I felt that after many classes, running and pilates that I needed something “more” to make myself stronger and really fit.


A friend had introduced me to The Lagree method in LA and was searching for the workout in Chicago and found Body R+D had just opened it’s doors.


After a private with Harry I was hooked and soon became a Certified Instructor.


“It literally changed my body to the best shape I had ever been in my life, even before having a baby!”


I’m passionate about teaching this amazing workout to friends and new clients and helping them achieve their fitness goals.


Growing up in Canada I competed in track and volleyball and was a real tomboy as the youngest of 6 kids, all of whom played competitive sports (obviously HOCKEY!!).


When I’m not commuting from Elmhurst to the Lakeview studio I watch my son play hockey, travel home to Toronto to visit family and friends and I’m a huge supporter of MS Research.

Lorrie is a life long Chicago resident. She first came to Body R+D to help her with her recovery from abdominal surgery. Lorrie knew after her first class that she could transform her body and core. She has been hooked ever since! In her spare time Lorrie loves to travel with her husband and four kids.



When Liza took her first Body R & D class a year ago, she had no idea that it would change her life. Although a trained dancer, Liza had never experienced a workout quite like this one, and after one class with Harry, she was hooked. She instantly saw results and recognized just how stronger she’d become after only a few weeks.


Liza began teaching in August, 2015 and has loved being able to share her passion for the Lagree Method with others. In her spare time, Liza loves exploring Chicago by trying new restaurants, seeing a concert or hanging at the beach during the summer. She resides in the West loop area with her fiancé and her cat, Lily.



Deenagh started as a client of R+D and fell in love immediately. She found it much more challenging, motivating and satisfying than any old regular gym membership. She was very pleased to see results and an increase in strength in only attending class 2-3 times a week. She wanted to become an instructor to help others realize that working out can be fun if you find the right niche.



Jessica is extremely passionate about the psychology of motivating others to live a balanced, fit, and healthy lifestyle. After just a few classes at Body R+D, she started seeing amazing results physically, mentally and emotionally. She realized this was the perfect place to used her passion for physical fitness and psychology to improve the lives of others. When Jessica is not at the studio, she is a research administrator at Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine. She is also working toward a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Northwestern University; her ultimate goal is to pursue a master of arts in counseling psychology, with a concentration in health psychology.  She is interested in working in exercise treatment therapy for those suffering from mental illness, trauma, chronic pain, or grief. Jessica is known for her calm, yet encouraging demeanor, which she uses to push clients beyond their limits to achieve results both physically and mentally.



Ian began taking classes at Body R+D over two years ago.  After his first class, he was hooked.  He finally found a workout that was challenging and recuperative to his pain-ridden back.  Fast forward to today and he’s proud to say that the Lagree Method has eliminated his back pain, gotten him in his best shape since playing college lacrosse and made him more flexible than he ever imagined possible.  When he’s not teaching classes, you might find him running his engineering company, traveling the world, back-country skiing, SCUBA diving, or just hanging out with his dog, Yeti.



Elia fell in love with the workout and the megaformer after her very first class at Body R&D. Living in Miami, she was a long time Pilates enthusiast after discovering the Pilates reformer and had been looking to replace her favorite Miami studio when she moved to Chicago in 2012.


She was drawn to the intensity and challenge of the Lagree method, not to mention, the quick results!


Although she received her degree in law and has been licensed as an attorney, a real lifelong passion has been health, nutrition and fitness. Currently, she is studying to become a health coach and is excited to share her passion for all things wellness with the Body R&D community!





Sonja has a long history with fitness. She started running, playing tennis and riding horses all competitively at an early age and took to the world of athletics. Her background in these activities lead her to gain a degree in Movement & Sport Sciences. She pursued a life in physical therapy but chose a path of massage therapy and Reiki.She has completed 2 Chicago Marathons, countless Half Marathons all over the country and competed on a national level in equestrian events. This type of physical activity has lead Sonja to find the best ways to stay in shape for all kinds of events. Among all the training over the years, Pilates always was a passion so when she heard about Body R&D and the Megaformer, she had to try. From the very first class she was hooked and now has become impassioned to teach and share this workout with Chicago. She is so ready to help strengthen your core, build an amazing upper body and get those long lean legs we all so desire!!